Traditional Mooncake

Preparation: 30 min
Cooking time: 15 min
Waiting time: 20-30 min
Portion: 5
Difficulty: 3/5


  1. Mixed filling
    -Chinese sausage: 50 gr
    -Almond: 30 gr
    -Sliced almond: 30 gr
    -Raisin: 30 gr
    -Dried chicken meat: 30 gr
    -Pork floss: 20 gr
    -Roasted peanut: 20 gr
    -Candied orange peel: 10-15 gr
    -Lime leaf: 4-5 leaves
    -Sesame oil: 10 ml
    -Golden syrup: 10 gr
    -Soy sauce: 1 tsp – for seasoning (optional)
    -Fried glutinous rice flour: 20 gr
    -Water: 10-20 ml
    -Salted egg yolks: 5
  2. Mooncake dough
    -All purpose flour: 90 gr
    -Golden syrup: 60 gr
    -Oil: 10-15 gr
    -Peanut butter: 10 gr
    -Cinnamon powder: a pinch (optional)
    -Egg yolk: 1 for egg wash

Kitchen utensil
-75-100 gr mooncake mold stamp
-Rolling pin


1. Salted egg yolk preparation

  • Separate salted egg yolk and egg white in two different bowl
  • Wash salted egg yolk with clean water, then leave aside
  • Preheat oven at 150 Celsius degree in 10 minutes
  • Place salted egg yolks on baking tray that lined baking foil
  • Brush a thin layer of oil on salted egg yolks and bring to bakt at 150 Celsius degree in 10-15 minutes
  • Remove cooked salted egg yolks from oven and let them chill at room temperature

Find the Homemade Salted Egg recipe and instruction as below:

2. Filling mixing

  • Candied orange peel, almond, raisin, steamed chinese sausage: cut into small cubes

You can make Candied orange peel on your own by using the same technique as the recipe below:

  • Sliced almond and pork floss: roasted on hot pan, then cool at room temperature.
  • Roll lime leaves and cut into strips
  • In a clean bowl, mix all ingredients (except fried glutinous rice flour and water) to combined.
  • Sprinkle 10-15 gr fried glutinous rice flour in mixing bowl and mix with 10-15 ml water to make the mixture more sticky and be able to shape 
  • Divide the mixture into 5-6 portions (50-60 gr/ each) and shape into balls
  • Press your thumb on the filling ball and place salted egg yolk into.
  • Wrap the salted egg yolk and repeat the same with others
  • Cover the filling balls and refrigerate in 20-30 minutes.

3. Mooncake dough

  • In a clean bowl, mix golden syrup, oil and peanut butter to dissolved completely 
  • In another bowl, mix all purpose flour with cinnamon powder and add to wet ingredient mixture.
  • Mix the ingredients until they’re all combined into dough
  • Rest the dough in 5 minutes and divide the dough into 5-6 portions (25-30 gr/each)
  • Shape the dough into ball and flatten the dough
  • Place the filling in the center and wrap it up, shape into ball and leave aside
  • Repeat the same process with other dough

4. Shaping and Baking

  • Preheat oven at 180-185 Celsius degree in 15 minutes
  • Brush a thin layer of oil in the mold stamp
  • Place the dough ball on a baking tray that lined parchment paper.
  • Stamp the dough several times to create the detail on its surface, then gently remove the cake from mold
  • Do the same process with other doughs and bring to bake at 180 Celsius degree in 10 minutes
  • After 10 minutes, remove the cakes from oven, spray water on top and wait for 5 minutes
  • In the waiting time, prepare egg wash by beating an egg yolk 
  • Brush a thin layer of egg yolk mixture on moon cake surface and bring bake to oven
  • Bake the cakes in 5 minutes then remove from oven, spray water and brush again
  • Bring the cakes back to oven and bake for another 5 minutes or until they turn to golden brown color.
  • Remove the cakes from oven and chill completely on rack
  • Store the cake in closed bag and best serve within 3-5 days
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