Salted Egg Doughnuts

Preparation: 45 min
Cooking time: 5-10 min
Waiting time: 12 hours
Portion: 10 doughnuts
Difficulty: 4/5


  1. Lava salted egg filling
    -Salted egg yolk: 3 (cooked)
    -Unsalted butter: 40 gr – soften at room temperature
    -Sweetened condensed milk: 35 gr
    -Milk powder: 30 gr
    -Milk: 15 ml – at room temperature
  2. Doughnut dough
    -Bread flour: 165 gr
    -Egg: 2 (63-65 gr/ each)
    -Unsalted butter: 48 gr – soften at room temperature
    -Granulated sugar: 17 gr
    -Milk: 13 ml – at room temperature
    -Instant dry yeast: 3 gr
    -Salt: ½ tsp

Kitchen utensil
-Deep frying pan or deep fryer
-Rolling pin


1. Lava salted egg filling

  • In a clean bowl, mash 3 salted egg yolks through sieve to have fine texture 

You can make Homemade Salted Egg at home with the recipe below:

  • Add condensed milk and butter into salted egg bowl, then mix them together
  • Continue to add 30 gr milk powder and 15 ml milk in salted egg bowl, mix well until they’re all combined
  • Pour salted egg mixture in a tray that lined plastic wrap (or cake pop mold if available). Wrap them up and refrigerate at least 12 hours

2. Doughnut dough

  • Add 165 gr bread flour with sugar and salt into mixing bowl, mix well.

In case if you use dry yeast instead of instant yeast, you should activate the yeast with these following steps:

  1. Warm 13 ml milk (in recipe) at 32-38 Celsius by using microwave
  2. Stir 1-2 gr sugar in warm water
  3. Add 3 gr dry yeast in warm water and let it sit in 10 minutes
  4. After 10 minutes, if you see the milk bubbling then you can use it for making bread. If not, the yeast that you used may not be activated and not be able to make bread
  • Mix the flour mixture with 3 gr instant yeast. Create a hole in the center of mixing bowl
  • Pour 13 ml milk (or activated yeast water if you use dry yeast) and beaten egg into flour bowl. Mix with wooden spoon.
  • Knead the dough by using electric hand whisk with dough hooks or electric mixer at low speed in 3-5 minutes.
  • When the ingredient combined and formed into dough ball, add soften butter and knead the dough in 3-5 minutes until the dough ball has a smooth surface.
  • Remove dough ball from mixer and knead by hand in 1-2 minutes 
  • Cut kneaded dough into equal parts (around 33 gr per each) and shape each part into small dough ball

3. Shaping and frying

  • Cut frozen salted egg into small cubes
  • Flatten dough balls and place salted egg cubes in the center (15 gr per each).

Please note that the edges should be thinner than center, so that salted egg filling will be in the center of its doughnut

  • Wrap it up and seal the edges to make sure that its filling won’t leak out when deep fry
  • Place the doughnut on non-stick tray and refrigerate in 5-10 minutes before deep fry
  • Pour 1-1.5 liter of cooking oil into deep frying pan. Preheat the oil at 160 Celsius degree
  • When oil reaches required temperature, drop gently each doughnut ball into and flip it up every 30-60 seconds until they’re all golden brown.

To make sure that every doughnut has cooked crispy shell and melt filling, you should test with the first one to know exact deep fried time and then apply for others

  • Place hot fried doughnuts on tissue paper to remove excess oil
  • Hot serve and you also can sieve a thin layer of powdered sugar on top before serving to enhance its flavor


  1. To make sure that the filling will melt down when cutting the doughnut in half, the salted egg filling has to be frozen in fridge for at least 12 hours. It will also help you to warp the filling easier later.
  2. Another important note that you should pay attention that you should seal the edge tightly because hot oil will plash if salted egg filling leaks out when deep frying
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