Lemon Curd

Preparation: 10 min
Cooking time: 8-10 min
Waiting time: –
Portion: 300 gr lemon curd
Difficulty: 2/5

-Lemon juice: 80 ml
-Unsalted butter: 55 gr
-Granulated sugar: 100 gr
-Egg : 3 (60-63 gr/ each)
-Shredded lemon zest: 5 gr

Kitchen utensil
-Glass jar with lid


  • Lemon cut in half, then squeeze the juice in a clean bowl. Leave aside

Or you can do as video: remove lemon peel before squeezing to prevent lemon juice from being bitter. The leftover lemon peel we can use to make candied lemon peel with really good taste that you can find the recipe here

  • In a mixing bowl, beat 3 egg with 100 gr sugar
  • Pour 80 ml lemon juice into mixing bowl. Stir well until all ingredients combined completely
  • Bring to boil 1 liter of water in a saucepan. Then place lemon curd mixing bowl on and cook at low heat
  • Stir continuously lemon curd mixture until it condense and be thicker (but not too thick as custard)
  • Turn off the heat and add 60 gr unsalted butter in hot lemon curd. Stir well until the butter melt completely
  • Finally, add 5 gr lemon zest into curd and mix well.
  • Transfer the curd to glass jar (with lid) or container and let it chill completely before storing in fridge.
  • A small jar of curd (~200-300 gr) can be stored in fridge for 5-7 days 


  1. The curd should be cooked at low/ medium heat and stir continuously to prevent it from clumsy or burning at the bottom of saucepan
  2. Lemon curd have similar making method as custard. However, because it is lack of cornstarch so the curd is more watery, runny and not as thick as custard (don’t try to cook it for too long :D)
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