Blueberry Yogurt Mousse Cake

Preparation: 45 min
Cooking time: 30-35 min
Waiting time: 3-4 hours
Portion: 18 cm mousse cake
Difficulty: 4/5


  1. Sponge cake
    -Egg: 2 (~63-65 gr/ each)
    -All purpose flour: 30 gr
    -Corn starch: 10 gr
    -Milk: 20 ml – at room temperature
    -Cooking oil: 20 ml
    -Granulated sugar: 40 gr – divided into 2 parts: 10 gr và 30 gr
    -Lime juice: ½ tsp (~3 ml; or you can replace with ½ tsp cream of tartar)
    -Salt: a pinch
  2. Blueberry jelly
    -Blueberry jam: 100 gr
    -Fresh blueberry: 70 gr (or you can replace with 35 gr blueberry jam)
    -Water: 30 ml
    -Granulated sugar: 10 gr
    -Lime juice: ½ tsp
    -Gelatin: 6 gr (powder or sheets)
  3. Yougurt mousse
    -Whipping cream: 150 ml
    -Unsweetened yogurt: 100 gr (you can increase yogurt amount if you prefer more sour flavor)
    -Granulated sugar: 40 gr
    -Gelatin: 4 gr (powder or sheets)
    -Prepared blueberry jelly: 30 gr
  4. Blueberry mousse
    -Whipping cream: 100 ml
    -Fresh blueberry: 25 gr (optional)
    -Granulated sugar: 10-15 gr

-Blueberry jam/ syrup: 20-30 gr
-Fresh blueberries

Kitchen utensil
-Springform pan 18 cm
-Round cake pan 16 cm
-Mousse ring 16 cm


1. Blueberry jelly

Because we need around several hours to freeze the jelly so you should prepare it before a day

  • Soak 6 gr of gelatin leaves in cold water
  • Mix 70 gr fresh blueberry with 10 gr granulated sugar in a saucepan. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes
  • Mash fresh blueberries with a spoon (or any tool that you have :D) until its juice releases
  • Add ½ tsp lime juice, water and blueberry jam in mashed blueberry saucepan. Then stir and bring to boil at low heat
  • When the mixture start to boil, turn off the stove and pour cooked blueberry in a blender.
  • Blend for 30-60 second until it’s smooth. Sieve to remove peels or lumps
  • When it’s still warm, add bloomed gelatin leaves into and stir until gelatin completely dissolved.
  • Save 30 gr of gelatin puree mixture and leave aside.
  • Pour the rest into a mousse ring that covered by plastic wrap and freeze in freezer/ fridge for 3-4 hours

2. Spongecake

  • Preheat the oven at 170 Celsius degree in 10 minutes
  • Separate egg yolks and egg whites
  • Beat 2 egg yolks with 10 gr granulated sugar
  • Pour cooking oil, milk into beaten egg yolk, mix well
  • Mix all purpose flour with cornstarch, then sieve and mix flour mixture into egg yolk bowl

Don’t overmix the mixture, you should only mix the flour until it disappeared 

  • In another bowl, beat egg white with ½ tsp lime juice (or cream of tartar) and 30 gr sugar to stiff peak.
  • Add ½ beaten egg white into egg yolk bowl, stir quickly until they’re combined
  • Pour the mixture back to meringue bowl, use a spatula to mix them together with “fold method”
  • Pour cake batter into cake pan that lined parchment paper and bake at 170 Celsius degree in 20-25 minutes or until its surface turns to golden brown
  • Remove cake from cake pan, remove parchment paper and cool on rack.

3. Yogurt mousse

You can prepare the mousse while waiting for baking or while cooling the sponge cake to save your time!

  • Soak 4 gr gelatin leaves in cold water (if you use gelatin powder then soak it with 10-25 ml water)
  • When the gelatin soften, melt it in microwave in 30s.
  • Pour melted gelatin in 100 gr unsweetened yogurt, stir well until gelatin dissolves completely.
  • Whisk the whipping cream with 40 gr sugar to soft peak. Then pour and mix the whipped cream with gelatin-yogurt mixture that prepared. 

4. Blueberry mousse

  • Whip 100 ml whipping cream with 30 gr of blueberry jelly (that prepared) to soft peak

You can add more 10-15 gr sugar if you prefer sweeter flavor

  • Add and mix 25 gr fresh blueberry into blueberry whipped cream bowl

5. Assembling

  • Trim the cake surface
  • Place the parchment paper into springform. Put the 1st layer of sponge cake and then pour ½ yogurt mousse on it. 

Please note that if you use the 18 cm cake pan, you need to use the 16 cm mousse ring or knife to trim the sponge cake (each layer should be around 16cm)

  • Unwrap frozen blueberry jelly and put it on the mousse and pour ½ yogurt mousse on jelly layer. 
  • Smooth the surface by using cake smoother. Place the springform in fridge for 30 minutes to harden the mousse.
  • When yogurt mousse layer harden, pour blueberry mousse into the springform. You can decorate 5-10 gr fresh blueberries on its surface
  • Cover the springform with plastic wrap and refrigerate in 1-2 hours
  • Remove the mousse cake from the springform by using a hair dryer and dry the mold for seconds to make the mousse melt, then you can remove the mold easily.
  • Place the mousse cake on plate and enhance cake flavor by decorating its surface with 20-30 gr blueberry jam/ syrup . Reserve in fridge and best used within 2-3 days. 
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